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Special Teaching Conference Travel Fellowship for Doctoral Candidates

Special Teaching Conference Travel Fellowship for Doctoral Candidates
UDaily, April 9, 2013
Past recipients - UDaily, June 22, 2012

This Teaching Conference Travel Fellowship is co-sponsored by the Center for Teaching & Assessment of Learning (CTAL) and the Office of Graduate and Professional Education (OGPE) to support University of Delaware doctoral candidates who pursue faculty careers to participate in the Lilly Conference, Bethesda focused on learning, teaching, and assessment in higher education. This regional teaching conference presents a unique professional development opportunity for future faculty to refine their teaching skills, support their growth as teacher-scholars in the discipline, deepen their understanding of faculty roles in different institutional contexts, and network with faculty across East Coast institutions.
Lilly-East Conference 2013, May 30 - June 2, Bethesda, MD
The competitive Teaching Conference Travel Fellowship is administered by CTAL in collaboration with OGPE. The following policies and procedures for this competitive award apply:
Applicants need to have completed their coursework, passed their comprehensive exams, be in the dissertation writing stage, and aspire to a faculty career.
Applicants need to submit the following documentation by Monday, April 22 (please list your name on every document of your application package):
1.     Application Form (pdf)
2.    Statement of Purpose (one-page) that includes the following sections: 
2.1 Career Goals:
-- What are your immediate career goals?
-- How does conference participation advance your career goals?

2.2. Benefits:
-- What will you gain from attending the teaching conference?
-- How will the conference enhance your teaching and future career as faculty?

2.3. Proposed Session Attendance: Draft program agenda (pdf)
-- What conference sessions would you like to attend and how will they enhance your teaching, the students’ learning, your career preparation?
Dissemination Plan:
-- How will you share what you have learned at the conference with your peers during the subsequent semester(s)? For example,
facilitate a teaching session at the campus-wide TA Conference in August 2013 or conduct a campus-wide teaching session for TAs during the 2013 Fall semester.
3.     Nomination Letter by a faculty member in the department, preferably your advisor addressing the significance of the student’s participation and the relationship between the student’s career aspirations, the graduate program, and the teaching conference participation.
4.     Post-Conference Reflective Essay (one-page) to describe personal and professional gains from teaching conference participation and immediate application of knowledge gained; the essay needs to be submitted within 2 weeks following conference participation, i.e., by Monday, June 17, 2013.
Please submit your application package to Gabriele Bauer, CTAL, 212 Gore Hall.

Awards are limited to one award during the course of graduate study; thus previous recipients are not eligible to re-apply. The amount of support will be based on the quality of the application up to a maximum of $500 (including registration, lodging and travel). The Teaching Conference Travel Fellowship is competitive and full funding is not guaranteed. Applicants are responsible for additional expenses, such as meals not included in the conference registration fee. 

Please note: Due to funding constraints and recent guideline reviews, awards have become more competitive. Applicants should submit well-crafted, comprehensive documents that highlight the significance of their teaching conference participation to their professional career development and future academic career goals. Applicants who fail to meet these standards will not be considered.