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Higher Education Teaching Certification Program


Higher Education Teaching Certification Program

Starting a Path to a Faculty Career

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The Higher Education Teaching Certification program approaches teaching as scholarly work and it intends to supplement, advance, and extend existing university-wide and departmental graduate teaching assistant (TA) training efforts. It is designed primarily to enhance the teaching effectiveness of TAs while at the University of Delaware and to provide a systematic preparation for all aspects of academic careers. The non-credit, optional program is open to all graduate students (both at the Masters and Doctoral levels) who intend to become future faculty. There is no tuition charge for the program. The program is offered in an online environment (Sakai), supplemented with on-campus seminars. Content areas are offered in five-or ten-week segments.

Content areas do not need to be taken sequentially; students must complete all program requirements before graduation, but they can determine the timing of the program elements to best accommodate their academic schedule and professional needs. Departmental advisement for sequencing program components is critical. Content areas are delivered throughout the academic year. Certification is awarded upon completion of all program aspects and is included in the participant’s official transcript.

Interested graduate students apply for admission directly to CTAL.
Current Fellows and Alumni of the HETC program are encouraged to join our LinkedIn Group.  Once you create a profile search for "HETC Program Alumni" to become a member.
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HETC Program Fellows currently enrolled (by department)


Art History
La Tanya Autry

Art Conservation
Caitlin O'Grady (postdoc)

Biological Sciences
Erica Dasher

Center for Composite Materials
Sanjib Chandra Chowdhury (postdoc)

Chemical Engineering
Andrea Naranjo, Joseph Stanzione

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Benjamin Berwick, Mosi London, Sarq Patterson, Susan Yi

Chunyan Yang

Energy & Environmental Policy
Leon Mach

Rita Williams

Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
David Kalb

Mathematical Sciences
Qunhui Han, Marco Montes de Oca (postdoc

Political Science & International Relations
Lauren Balasco, Zofia Maka, Faith Okpotor

Public Policy & Administration
Phillip Barnes, Lauren Clay, Lenora Felder, Dana Holz,
Erin Kerrison, Abobaker Mused,
Aaron Searson, Lucia Velotti

Sociology & Criminal Justice
Kristen Hefner, David Lane, Kevin Ralston, Samanth Zulkowski



Photo Gallery


Department and HETC Program Graduation Date

Animal & Food Sciences
Xinhui Li (postdoc), 2012
Hudaa Neeto, 2011
Erin Bernberg (postdoc), 2006

Art History
Mark Parker-Miller, 2004

Biological Sciences
Benjamin Rohe, 2012
Lisa Gurski, 2012
Adam Aguiar, 2011
Megan Kautz, 2009

Biomechanics & Movement Science
Kota Takahashi, 2012 - Postdoc

Business Administration
Jane Luke, 2009

Chemical Engineering
Erik Welf, 2008 - Postdoc, North Carolina State University, NC
Jennifer O'Donnell, 2007 - Faculty
Aditya Singh, 2005 - Postdoc, Johns Hopkins Medical Institute, MD

Chemistry & Biochemistry
Jennifer Codding, 2012
Brad Bauer, 2011 -  Faculty, College of Saint Rose, NY
Katheryn Perrine, 2011 - Postdoc
Carol Roach, 2010 - Postdoc, University of Missori-Columbia, MO
Yuzhen Wang, 2010
Stephanie Bolte, 2009
Julie Palkendo, 2008 - Faculty, Kutztown University, PA
Jeffrey Spraggins, 2006
Paul Tobash, 2005

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Laura Black, 2012
Michelle Oswald, 2010 - Faculty, Bucknell University, PA
Kel Hannum, 2009 - Faculty
Stephan Mensah, 2009, Postdoc

Computer & Information Sciences
Li Jin, 2008
Michael Jochen, 2007 - Faculty, East Stroudsburg University, PA
Rashida Davis, 2006

Paul Larson, 2011 - Visiting Professor, West Chester University, West Chester, PA
Jane Luke, 2009
Yigit Hazim Aydede, 2006
Estelle Sommeiller, 2005
Diane Trace, 2005

Bridget Brennan, 2012 - Faculty, Delaware State University, Dover, DE
Kevin Currie-Knight, 2012
Licinia Kaliher, 2010 - Assistant Director, Residence Life, Temple University, PA
Sami Nassim, 2009
Wilkey Wong, 2008

Jack Peruggia, 2005

Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
Christine Rega, 2012
Ellen Lake, 2011 - Postdoc
Bridget Collins, 2008
William Brown, 2006 - Faculty, Kutztown University, PA

Fashion & Apparel Studies
Yazbehl Waters, 2010

Foreign Languages & Literatures
Courtney Brunone, 2009
Claudia Janine Biester, 2008
Victoria Simoshina, 2007 
Gabriela Blue, 2005

Tianna Bogart, 2012
Daria Kluver, 2011 - Faculty, Central Michigan University
Ethan Frost, 2009 - Faculty, Millersville University, Millersville, PA
Gina Henderson, 2009 - Faculty, U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD
Steven Quiring, 2004 - Faculty, Texas A&M, College Station, TX

Geological Sciences
Katherine Skalak, 2008
Adam Skarke, 2009
Hilary Stevens, 2009 - Research Associate, Coastal Resources Center, University of Rhode Island

Health, Nutrition & Exercise Sciences
James DiDomenico, 2008
Steven Malin, 2006
Julie Clymer, 2005

Michelle Mormul, 2009 - Faculty

Human Development & Family Studies
Michael Sturm, 2008
Juliet Bradley, 2008
Laura Thompson Brady, 2008

Linguistics & Cognitive Science
Evan Bradley, 2012
Ozge Ozturk, 2009

Mathmatical Sciences
Jennifer Miller, 2010
Xinyi Zhang, 2008 - Statistical Research Associate, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Seattle, WA
Zeying Wang, 2007
Maria Capursi, 2006 - Faculty, University of Central Florida, FL
Jiguang Sun, 2004 - Faculty, Delaware State University, DE

Physics & Astronomy
Joshua Wickman, 2012 - Faculty
Gokce Cehreli, 2006
Adebanjo Oriade, 2007 - Faculty, Bethany College, Lindsborg, KS
Dana Saxon, 2012
Joshua Wickman, 2012 -Faculty, Gloucester County College, NJ

Plant & Soil Sciences
Christine Rega, 2012
Adrienne Kleintop, 2011 - Postdoc, Colorado State University, CO
Adrienne Kleintop - plant & soil sciences, 2010
Daniel Mongeau, 2009 - Dupont
Amy Sprinkle, 2009 
Jennifer Gilbert, 2008
Olga Lazouskaya, 2008
Liping Zhang, 2007
Amanda Jones, 2006 
Carrie Murphy, 2006 - Extension Agent, Cooperative Extension Service, UD
Kurt Williamson, 2006 - Faculty, College of William & Mary, VA

Political Science & International Relations
Juliette Tolay, 2011- Assistant Professor, Penn State University-Harrisburg, PA
Nick Galasso, 2010

Sociology & Criminal Justice
Heather Zaykowski, 2011 - Faculty, University of Massachusetts- Boston, MA
Deeanna Button, 2010 - Faculty, Stockton Colllege, Galloway, NJ
Nicole Smolter, 2009 - Faculty, California State University at Los Angeles, CA
Chanele Moore, 2008 - Adjunct Faculty, Widener Univ. & Holy Family Univ., PA
Yuning Wu, 2008 - Faculty, Wayne State University, MI
Sherry Skaggs, 2008
Jessica Hodge, 2007 - Faculty, University of Missouri, Kansas City, MO
Amy Cass, 2007 - Faculty, California State University at Fullerton, CA
Maggie Leigey, 2007 - Faculty, The College of New Jersey, NJ
Heather Griffiths, 2006 - Faculty, Fayetteville State University, NC
Victor Argothy, 2005

Public Policy & Administration
Kevin Adkin, 2012
Bakry ElMedni, 2012
Timothy O'Boyle, 2012
Kerrin Wolf, 2012 - Fellow, School of Law, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Ann Johnson, 2011 - Visting Assistant Professor, SUNY Albany, NY
Cara Robinson, 2011 - Faculty, Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN
Glen Silverstein, 2011
Nicole Ruggiano, 2008 - Faculty, Florida International University, FL
Jane Case, 2007

Program Statistics

  • When did the HETC program start?
    The program has been offered continuously since Winter Session 2004.
  • How many Fellows have completed the program?
    97 Fellows, representing 27 departments, have completed the HETC program. 83 of the Fellows (86%) were doctoral degree students; 14 were master’s degree students representing departments that offer the master’s as terminal degree.
  • Currently, how many Fellows are enrolled in the program?
     39 participants, representing 18 departments are enrolled in the program. 34 of the 39 Fellows (87%) are doctoral degree students. Please refer to Fellows Listing.
  • Of those Fellows that have completed the program, how many now hold academic positions?
    Of the 97 Fellows who completed the program, 45 report holding academic positions (48%); i.e., faculty positions, post-doctoral and/or research positions.
  • How has the HETC program been incorporated into departmental grant programs for graduate student development?
    Aspects of the HETC program have been incorporated into two GAANN proposals affiliated with the College of Engineering. The aim of these proposals is to educate and train graduate students to obtain careers as teacher-scholar-researchers in a vital area of need, such as transportation infrastructure engineering.